Local School Council
Welcome to the Goudy Local School Council (LSC) web page!

The primary responsibilities of the LSC include approving how funds and resources are allocated, developing and monitoring the annual school improvement plan, and evaluating and monitoring the school’s principal.

The LSC meets monthly during the school year to conduct its business, and also has the ability to call special meetings for critical discussion or votes that cannot wait until the next monthly meeting. All council meetings are subject to the Open Meetings Act, with public notice of the time, place, and agenda for each meeting being posted at least 48 hours in advance.

Parent and Community Representatives are selected via a public election every two years. Faculty Representatives and the Staff (Non-Faculty) Representative are elected internally by the school faculty itself. The School Principal is allotted a seat on the LSC by default.

The makeup of the Goudy LSC is as follows:
4 Parent Representatives
2 Faculty Representatives
1 Staff (Non-Faculty) Representative
2 Community Representatives
School Principal

Visit​​​​​​​ for more information on LSC roles and responsibilities.