Teacher Spotlight

Patty Whitehouse

Our engineering lab teacher extraordinaire, Patty Whitehouse, has been working in conjunction with Northwestern University’s Science in Society program, to co-write and pilot Next Generation Science Standards based curricula. Some of our student may have been in the classes at the Boys and Girls Club this summer. If they were, they experienced the exciting kinds of hands-on discovery science that Mrs. Whitehouse is famous for. We’re happy to say that our engineering lab will remain open this year and students in grades first through fifth will have the opportunity to follow the engineering design process to be creative problem-solvers and analytical thinkers in a collaborative engaging environment.

Carola Lopez

Hats off to third grade teacher Carola Lopez who participated in piloting Next Generation Science Standards based curricula through Northwestern University’s Science in Society program. She worked under the guidance of Mrs. Whitehouse and her team at the Boys and Girls club and will bring back her newly developed skills and expertise to inspire aspiring young scientists at Goudy School!

Jane O'Mahoney
Megan Shaunnessy

Extraordinary teachers, Jane o’Mahoney and Megan Shaunnessy persevered through six weeks of a very intense coursework at Loyola University in a study of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL). These dedicated teachers trained in UDL and are committed to sharing their insight with the teaching staff to help launch and facilitate this approach to teaching school wide. In a nutshell, UDL is an educational framework based on research in the learning sciences, including cognitive neuroscience that guides the development of flexible learning environments that can accommodate individual learning differences. Bravo to these teacher leaders for helping us to hone our craft and become better educators.

Anh Ruiz

Middle school language arts teacher Anh Ruiz will be working toward her National Board Teacher certification this over the course of the next two years. To attain this goal, Mrs. Ruiz will be required to take numerous classes and reflect deeply on her instructional practices in order to become what is often considered a “master” teacher. We wish her all the best and I’m pleased that our students will reap the rewards of her efforts. We’re quite sure she’ll be joining the ranks of our other Nationally Board certified Goudy teachers: Beth Burkhart, Chris Gordon and James Eberle.

Stephen Tow
Mr. Tow

Technology Coordinator Stephen Tow had a busy summer as he collaborated with the Dremel Company to give feedback on their creation of the Dremel 3D Educational Program. As a result of his insightful contribution, he received a second 3D printer for our school. In addition, he was one of 58 nationally selected teachers to be part of the acclaimed Ultimaker Education Pioneers program. His responsibilities will include sharing lesson plans and best practice strategies using 3D printing. Congratulations Mr. Tow!

Mike Sviokla
Mr. Sviolka
Julie Strassel
Mr. Sviolka

Shout out to music teacher Mike Sviokla and drama teacher Julie Strassel for winning the VH1 Keys to Kids grant award! As a result of their amazing writing and passion for the arts, Goudy school will receive $10,000 worth of musical instruments: a Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid GP-500 piano and3 Casio WK-7600 music workstations. BRAVO!

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