Kindergarten - Rm 114

Name and Grade

Ms. Betsy Guiragossian • Kindergarten

Where are you From?

I am from Cleveland, Ohio - Home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Browns, which is featured on the cover of Madden 12.  

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would like to travel to Engand to see Princess Di's Home and the rest of Europe will do!  

What is one book that everyone must read?

Much of the reading I do involves reading with my children or for my children. A recent book I've read with 2 of my children is "Soul Surfer". It is an inspiring book that has also become a recent movie. It is about a 13 year old surfer who got her arm bit off by a shark. Bethany showed that you may have bad things come your way, but you can get through anything. A new book I just started is "Teaching With Love & Logic". I'll let you know if it works when I am done.

Who was your favorite teacher growing up?

I had many favorite teachers. Too many to really mention all by name. I think most of my teachers were teaching the subjects I liked the most. One of my favorites was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Grund. She actually moved into our neighborhood and when I got a little bit older I babysat her 2 little girls.  

What do you like most about Goudy?

The best thing about Goudy is the collaboration between teachers to make Goudy a better place.  

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